Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is basically presenting a house in its best possible light. The goal of staging is to make any home stand out of the competition and sell more quickly and at a higher price. It helps to show your home’s full potential and draws more attention from targeted buyers. We will have a look around your home to see what changes need to be made in order to stage it in such a way that buyers will be attracted to it.

Why Should I Use A Home Staging Service?

Statistics have proven that a staged property sells much faster than a non-staged property. Properly staging your home and working with the right stager can increase the value of your home. It’s our job to furnish the entire home from top to bottom and create a positive first impression.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Stage My House?

The cost is dependent on many factors such as size of property and whether rental furniture and accessories are needed to showcase your home at its best. Please contact us for an estimate.

Can You Work With The Existing Furniture Within The Property?

Yes, we can and help minimize the cost. We shop your home for items that can be used to enhance overall marketability. We will re-arrange the existing furniture and will bring additional pieces in, to complete the space.

My House Is Vacant Should It Be Staged?

YES, because empty spaces looks cold and uninviting. Without furniture, the focus goes to negative details. Allow buyers to envision their future in a home.